Welcome to the Cleveland Spanish Academy!

At the Cleveland Spanish Academy, we are passionate about introducing the Spanish language to children at a young age and throughout their childhood years through concentrated and fun activities that stimulate a child's mind to develop comprehension of a second language.


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We also welcome our friends from Spanish With Elena! Spanish With Elena is now a part of the Cleveland Spanish Academy!

We welcome our partners at Fairview Park Schools, Chagrin Falls Daycare and Preschool, and Kids Club, Inc. We look forward to providing continued top-notch immersion programs, allowing kids to acquire Spanish similar to how they learned their first language. Lessons will be complete with age-appropriate activities, games, songs, and fun! Click on 'Spanish at School' to find out more!


Spring 2015 Classes Start April 18th!!

Visit our website from March 14th to register, or send us an email at registration@clevelandspanishacademy.com to be added to our distribution list and receive an email reminder when registration is open.

We look forward to having your child in our classes and will provide a comfortable learning environment for all learning styles. Our experienced instructors use the "Natural Language Method," which helps children make their own association with vocabulary and latin language structure.

At the Cleveland Spanish academy we teach Spanish as a second language in a very similar method to how children learn their first language. Children first acquire nouns, then adjectives and verbs. We have built a customized curriculum to fully maximize the potential of each language-learning stage, resulting in the next level of learning to begin creating phrases.

We are passionate about bringing the Spanish language to children. We are a bilingual, family-run school, and we have dedicated years creating an engaging, fun, relaxed curriculum to help children adopt Spanish as a second language and to continue exploring language learning opportunities throughout their lives. Contact us today to find out more!


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